Heal Your Body Image and Find Identity in Christ

by enrolling in the Imago Dei Mini-Course designed to uncover old wounds and diet culture lies that are keeping you stuck in body shame.

You Will Learn

  • How old wounds and trauma create identity lies about your beauty and worth.
  • How to re-wire old thought patterns around body image.
  • Why you know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, yet don't feel it.
  • Why your worth feels tied to your weight.
  • What it means to truly treat your body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • How to break generational lies around body image.
  • How to see your body as a gift so you can finally nourish it.
  • How to fully embody the woman God is calling you to be.
  • How to shed identity lies and body shame from the enemy, and how to embrace the truth of Christ's love instead!

This isn't a surface level fix. You are here because you KNOW the truth, you just don't FEEL it. You WANT to see your body as a gift, yet your actions don't align with your desires. We need to dig DEEP and find the root cause of your body shame. You don't just need more information, you need HEART change. This is where freedom lies!

What's Included

Lifetime Access to:

  • 4 weeks of action steps to put information into action
  • 4 weeks of video modules
  • Week 1: Finding Worth in Christ
  • Week 2: Our Holy Temples
  • Week 3: Laying it Down
  • Week 4: Healing from Diet Culture
  • 30 days of journaling prompts to uncover old wounds and unhelpful beliefs around body
  • *Two 30min 1:1 coaching sessions to support and guide you on your journey
  • *These expire 6 weeks upon enrollment. This is to help keep you accountable. If an unforeseen circumstance arrises and you cannot book your 1:1 sessions within 6 weeks, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. My goal for you is to have accountability without feeling overwhelmed, so there are always exceptions to the rules.

Disclaimer: Imago Dei is a mini-course. It is NOT InteGROW (a coaching program for faith-based intuitive eating). If you'd like more information on InteGROW, please contact me or visit www.totuswellness.com

Imagine if you could...

Look into a mirror without feeling dread or shame.

Stop dreading photos.

Stop stressing about body image before vacations or events.

Feel a deeper sense of beauty and worth.

Stop thinking and obsessing about your body all the time.

Finally feel comfortable in your skin.

Enjoy the present moment no matter how your body looks.

Stop chasing worldly beauty standards.

Are you ready to find freedom and peace in your body?

Need Support?

Email: [email protected]

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